Three wins out of three for EUWAFC

3s vs QMUMatch Report 7/10/15

1s vs Strathclyde (A) 7-2

2s vs St Andrews (H) 6-2

3s vs QMU (H) 3-2

It was a big day for EUWAFC as our third team had their very first competitive match after being entered into the league. Despite having never played competitively as a team before, expectations to perform well were raised after their 5-0 win in the pre-season friendly against St Andrew’s 3s just a week before. Not letting the rain deter them, both teams got stuck in as the game got underway. An early push towards the goal from EUWAFC with a brilliant run up the line from Sara was a sign of great things to come for Edinburgh but QMU’s defence showed early resilience and the score remained at 0-0. 12 minutes in and a foul against QMU just outside the box gave them a clear shot towards the goal which they delivered as it flew straight into the upper right corner, giving them the first goal of the game. With a renewed desire to win, EUWAFC fought back and Laura Ulsig aka the ‘Great Dane’ broke past the line of defence and scored Edinburgh’s first goal making it 1-1. Tensions were high and not long after, a powerful slide tackle from QMU resulted in a foul against Edinburgh on the very edge of the box. Lindsay stepped up to take the free kick and made a solid effort, with the ball flying just over the bar. With the first half over, both teams regrouped and prepared themselves as the game had not yet been won. Despite QMU’s efforts to move up towards the goal, EUWAFC’s defence remained strong and just 5 minutes into the second half the ball was played up through the centre and a brilliant run by Mel and strong pass to Becca in the box won EUWAFC their second goal making it 2-1 to Edinburgh. At this point, Tom the coach proceeded to point out that ‘the goal doesn’t count unless you celebrate!’ With confidence growing, EUWAFC gave QMU almost no time to recover and Mel was back in the box to score an all-important third goal for Edinburgh. Not giving up, QMU pushed forward and their efforts to move into the box rewarded them with a corner which they utilised. Managing to find some momentary weakness in EUWAFC’s defence, QMU score themselves their second goal making it 3-2. With the game still having the potential to go either way, EUWAFC made a final effort to cement their victory in the first game of the season. Making a beeline towards the goal, they rattled the worn out QMU defenders getting themselves a corner kick and a last chance to score. With seconds to go, Naomi sent the ball towards goal and the keeper from QMU, remaining strong throughout the game, did not falter and the ball was saved as the whistle blew to signal the end of the match.

Across the other side of Peffermill Edinburgh Uni 2s faced off against St. Andrews 2s. Edinburgh started strong but just a few minutes into the game the St. Andrews striker had a lucky run on goal which had everyone worried. Edinburgh quickly regained the ball, though, and made a solid drive down the field ending with the first goal of the match by Amy Gilroy, a low hard ball in the left corner of the net. At times the match was scrappy but Edinburgh mostly dominated the play, putting together some good passing sequences and scoring some great goals. St Andrews, given the talent in their team, deservedly pulled two goals back but the match ended 6-2 overall with a strong performance from Edinburgh women’s 2s and a solid win, with two more goals from Amy Gilroy earning her a hat trick and goals from Jodie Ovens, Shannon Urquhart, and Eva Steele.

The 1s travelled to Glasgow to play a recently promoted Strathclyde side and ten minutes into the game the home team proved why they deserved their place in the top league. A great strike from the edge of the box followed by a top delivery from a corner saw the home side 2-0 up. Edinburgh, however, fought back and after some great play the visiting side ended the first half leading 3-2. In the second half Edinburgh continued to dominate bagging themselves another four goals. Captain Hannah Craig scored her first goal for the club with a nice finish past the Strathclyde keeper into the bottom right hand corner whilst first year Beth Macleod bagged herself a hattrick. The game ended 7-2 giving the 1s two wins out of two so far this season. Three wins out of three for EUWAFC this week. The club now look towards their fixtures next week when the 1s travel to take on St Andrews and, hoping to remain undefeated, EUWAFC 3s will be playing Stirling 2s.

Credit to Sammie Yates and Zoe Whittall for their coverage of the matches.