Stewart MacKinnon

I am the EUAFC Child Wellbeing and Protection Manager as well as the club Chairman. Now retired I was a senior manager in several large secondary schools for 25 years so have some knowledge of supporting and managing young people.

Although almost all players at EUAFC are aged 18 or above I am determined that the club treats all of its players and staff with the respect and consideration that they deserve. We are a team in every way and all players and staff should enjoy and feel comfortable while engaging in all club activities.

I ensure that all coaches and staff have completed the SFA child-well being and protection training and that they have signed a Code of Conduct at the start of every season. I also attend SFA conferences every 3/4 months to keep the club fully updated on all SFA directives or initiatives.

In the event that anybody at the club has any concerns then they can contact me in confidence to air their grievance or concern which I will treat very seriously. The club also has a chaplain who is very experienced in these matters.

My contact details are as follows:

Stewart MacKinnon



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