Code of Conduct

Disability Policy

Edinburgh University AFC 

Home ground East Peffermill, 136 Peffermill Road, Edinburgh EH16 5LT

EUAFC is committed to ensuring its disabled supporters and customers have as full an access as is reasonably possible to make to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered to the public by the Club.

The Club operates a concessionary entry and ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with different impairments. The Club recognizes that not all of its facilities are fully accessible to disabled customers and confirms that it is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the Equality Act (2010) and its relevant Codes of Practice to ensure full compliance with the legislation.

The Club also recognizes that it has new duties to remove permanent barriers that make it difficult or impossible for some disabled customers to access Club facilities. The Club will seek to undertake such additional works as are reasonably required within the timescales set out within the Act.  The Club has a training programme to ensure that its officials and stewards are trained in the provisions of the Act. Ongoing training will be included in induction programmes.

The Club has a grievance procedure in place and guarantees to its disabled supporters and customers that any complaints of discrimination will be dealt with quickly under that procedure. The Club has advised its officials and stewards that any incident of discrimination under the provisions of the Act is a serious matter and will be dealt with under the Club’s Disciplinary procedures.

EUAFC,  March 2019

 For further information contact EUAFC Vice-Chairman Professor B Whyte


Ground Regulations

  • The Club has the right to refuse entry or eject any person who refuses to be searched by a Steward (or Police Officer) when asked.
  • Any person who refuses to comply with the instructions of a Steward (or Police Officer) may be ejected from the ground.
  • Any person whose behaviour could reasonably be construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to other spectators may be ejected.
  • It is a criminal office under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act (Scotland) 2012 to throw anything on to the pitch or at players, officials or other fans, take part in any indecent or racist chanting, go on to the playing surface at any time (unless instructed by Stewards to do so), enter or try to enter the ground with intoxicating liquor, try to enter the ground while under the influence of drink, possess any article which could be construed as an offensive weapon, use behaviour which is threatening, abusive or insulting towards another.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the ground.
  • Supporters are asked to contribute to the contest with encouragement for the players of their team and respect for their opponents, for match officials and for the supporters of the opposing side.

By order of the Committee of EUAFC, February 2017

Diversity and Equality Statement

EUAFC is committed to equal and fair treatment of all staff and players. In line with the University of Edinburgh’s Equality and Diversity policy, EUAFC has always sought to go further than the minimum legal requirements in embracing diversity and in creating an inclusive culture and welcoming environment. The Club is committed to creating an environment where diversity is valued and celebrated and where everyone can develop to their full potential regardless of any personal characteristic such as: gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical belief, age, socio-economic background, family circumstances or other irrelevant distinction.  EUAFC readily accepts its responsibility to recognise these differences and to ensure that staff and players are treated with equity and fairness and that their individuality is respected and acknowledged. EUAFC aims to ensure that equal opportunities principles, strategies and practices are integrated into all aspects of the club’s organisation operation.

Customer Charter

EUAFC essentially exists to give competitive football experience to students of the University, enabling them to develop their talents, their enjoyment and understanding of the game during their student years and beyond. Students play a major role in the day-to-day running of the Club with elected officers taking on major responsibilities working with senior personnel.

  1. EUAFC regards accessibility as a key issue, and does it’s best to ensure support from within the University and from the wider community through a range of match-day arrangements, concessions for students, retired persons, disabled and their helpers, and the unwaged. The Club operates an enlightened policy on refunds in the event of abandoned matches.
  2. AWAY SUPPORT is treated with the same consideration as home support in respect of ticket prices, and EUAFC abides by SLFL and SFA rules on ticket allocations per club.
  3. CONSULTATION The Club seeks to publicise its playing activities and all other relevant Club events via its website, social media accounts and the printed media.
  4. COMMUNITY ACTIVITY  The Club operates four teams which play in a range of Scottish regional and local football and also within inter-University competitions. Specifically, the Club engages with the University in the Educated Pass programme and the Club operates Easter and Summer coaching programmes for children.
  5. MATCH DAY PROGRAMMES For all Senior competitive matches the Club produces a Club Match-Day Programme which is provided free for all paying spectators with complimentary copies for match officials and visiting team officials.
  6. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY The Club has a strong working relationship with the Edinburgh University Women’s Football Club and the Club seeks to operate an equal opportunity policy across all of its activities.
  7. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Edinburgh University Football Club strives to offer value for money in all its areas of business, conducted in a respectful and courteous manner.

Edinburgh University Association Football Club. March, 2017