1. Please tell us the degree(s) you studied and result(s) achieved?

Business Studies MA (Honours) 2:1 – 2013

2. Please list all your achievements with the EUAFC (trophies won, goals scored, league positions, international caps, individual awards, Blues etc)?

I played for EUAFC for 3 years during my time at University. I was top goal scorer in my first and third season at the club. I was part of successful teams that won the University league and the Queens Park Shield. During my time at EUAFC I was also selected to play for the Scottish Universities’ National Team. I was part of the Scottish universities side that won the 2012 BUCS Home Nations tournament.

3. Why did you choose to study at Edinburgh University?

Before choosing to join Edinburgh University I was thinking of going to do full time football at Cowdenbeath FC instead. However, after giving this decision much thought, I truly believed going to university and gaining a degree was the best thing that I could do. The reason I chose to study at Edinburgh University was for two reasons: 1. The university is regarded as one of the best in the UK. And 2. I knew that Edinburgh University’s football team played at a high level and this meant I could still keep my aspirations of playing professionally alive.

4. What part did the EUAFC play in your experience of University?

EUAFC played a huge role in my experience at University. When I think back on my time at university the biggest thing that stands out to me is the football club. I was so lucky that I was able to be part of such a great group of people. I have made friends for life, not only with the guys I played with but the coaches as well.

5. Why did you enjoy playing football for EUAFC?

Firstly I was always going to enjoy playing for EUAFC because I was doing something I loved to do but to do this with great friends just made the whole experience even better. On top of this, I was lucky enough to play in such a talented team with great a group of players, some of which have went on to play professionally.

6. What enabled you to be successful on the pitch & at the same time academically? Was there any effect on your studies?

I was always committed and extremely driven to better myself on the pitch. I always wanted to help my team and I was always willing to work extremely hard in order to win. These traits were something that I tried to replicate with my studies in order to obtain the degree I wanted to achieve. In a general sense, exercising definitely helps focus when it comes to studying so I guess this helped.

7. Would you consider your time at University a success, why?

I would definitely consider my time at university a success. I obtained the degree that I wanted. I met friends that I will have for life and I created great memories also.

8. What are you doing currently? Did you develop any skills while at the EUAFC that have an impact on your working life?

Currently I am playing full time football for East Fife FC. So playing for the Uni team definitely helped me get to where I wanted to be. Great coaching improved my skills on the pitch and helped me get in to a professional team.

9. Why would you recommend joining EUAFC to new students?

You will meet new friends while getting to play football at a competitive level. It will definitely make your university experience more enjoyable.

10. We know you have a strong bond with the Football Club. Please finish the sentence/paragraph in any way that suits you;

EUAFC is… UNBELIEVABLE JEFF! It was genuinely the best experience of my time at university and I would recommend anyone who loves football to get involved!