1. Please tell us the degree(s) you studied and result(s) achieved?

History & Sociology MA Hons (2:1), Nationalism Studies MSc

2. Please list all your achievements with the EUAFC (trophies won, goals scored, league positions, international caps, individual awards, Blues etc)?

East of Scotland first Division winners, East of Scotland/Image Printers Cup winners. British Shield Runners Up. BUGs football team winner 2005/06. Best Premier league position = 3rd. East of Scotland Select Team, Scottish Semi-Pro Team, Scottish Unis Team for 4 years. Blue. East of Scotland Player of the Year. Can’t remember individual club awards – player/players player a couple of times maybe……ask Sammy.

3. Why did you choose to study at Edinburgh University?

Academic reputation. Home city.

4. What part did the EUAFC play in your experience of University?

An integral part. Made many great friends while playing football at a good level. Had awesome end of season trips to Prague, Budapest, Barcelona and Krakow.

5. Why did you enjoy playing football for EUAFC?

My team mates, the training facilities, I loved playing mid-week uni games and the social life.

6. What enabled you to be successful on the pitch & at the same time academically? Was there any effect on your studies?

Playing football made studying easier. I have always found my concentration levels to improve with exercise.

7. Would you consider your time at University a success, why?

Without a doubt. I met some of my best friends there and learned some important life lessons through extra curricular activity.

8. What are you doing currently? Did you develop any skills while at the EUAFC that have an impact on your working life?

Working in sports/charity/brand events in London. For me EUAFC emphasized the power of sport to bring people together and how this can go hand in hand with educational attainment.

9. Why would you recommend joining EUAFC to new students?

You walk into a ready-made social network, get to play football and have the time of your life.

10. We know you have a strong bond with the Football Club. Please finish the sentence/paragraph in any way that suits you;

“EUAFC is… a way of life.”