The EUAFC Development Committee was launched at a Reunion Dinner, attended by over 90, held in the Roxburghe Hotel on Saturday 29 November 1997, to oversee the long term objectives of the Club and to ensure its financial stability. David Hesse was the Club Captain in 1996-97 and he worked closely with Colin Hutchison (Coach 1985 to 1996) and Dr Andrew Ross (Honorary President) in order to establish the Development Committee. The original members were Alan Chainey, Colin Hutchison, Dr Andrew Ross and Dr Ian Smith, the Club Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of EUAFC.

The Committee was to elect its own Chairman and to ensure that students outnumbered the non-students within its 9 members . A quorum was set at seven. The Committee has the power to co-opt members, though any such additional members do not hold voting rights. Ian Smith was elected Chairman and continued to serve in this capacity until May 2010 when he was succeeded by Stewart MacKinnon.

The current non-student members are:

Club Chairman and Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer


Player 1973 to 1977, Blue, represented Scottish Universities, British Universities and the East of Scotland League, served as Club Treasurer, an outstanding striker who post-University enjoyed a very successful decade with Spartans FC. Mathematics teacher who is currently deputy head at Musselburgh Grammar School.

Email –

Number – 07710 769550

Club President


Coach to EUAFC 1972 to 1982, longtime administrator of the Scottish Universities Association Football programme, member of staff of the University of Edinburgh Department of Physical Education (now the CSE) from April 1972, and Director from October 1983, until retirement in October 2002. President EUAFC 2009 to present.


Player 1972 to 1977, Blue, represented Scottish Universities, a lively wide player who post University played for Spartans FC. Professor of Social Work Studies in Criminal and Youth Justice at University of Edinburgh.


Player 2005 to 2009, served as Club Treasurer and then as Sport Union Treasurer prior to graduating in Business Studies and Accountancy. Co-opted to Development Committee in Summer 2010 to work with the Club Treasurer on the financial management of EUAFC.


Former U20s coach, current Head Groundsman at Peffermill, EUAFC Safety Officer and committee member



Former referee, from 1989 to 1997 he represented Scotland on the FIFA list of international referees, previous secretary of Preston Athletic F.C. Dr Waddell was the Chairman of the Scottish Lowland Football League until a few years ago and sat on the Professional Game Board of the SFA. Current  EUAFC committee member.


Player 2001 to 2005, represented Scottish Universities, former U20s coach, current Club Head Coach and First team Manager