“The University of Edinburgh believes that diversity is educationally as well as socially desirable, enriching the educational experience for all. We therefore seek to attract a wide range of applicants from different social, cultural and educational backgrounds.”

As part of the University of Edinburgh’s Widening Participation (WP) programme the Educated Pass project aims to address the academic underachievement of boys in the 11 to 16 year-old age group. A shared passion of this group is sport and in particular football. The project works with local youth football clubs to engage the boys, their coaches and their families in educational opportunities in order to raise aspirations. Working via local youth football clubs brings added credibility to a message which can often be lost in the school environment.

Boys who struggle academically or who come from backgrounds with low aspirations can easily feel excluded from a young age. Aspirations, expectations and the whole frame of reference for boys come from the wider community in which they grow up. ‘Educated Pass’ is innovative in that it does not rely on working through schools; but by targeting boys and in particular those from under-represented groups through their local youth football clubs and coaches. It builds upon their commitment to sport in order to generate a similar interest and commitment towards their education. While giving generic advice on school, college and university pathways, the initiative initially uses sport related courses as a ‘hook’, remaining careful however, to demonstrate that educational and career opportunities also exist outside the sporting sphere.
The Edinburgh University Association Football Club (EUAFC) is delighted to be working in partnership with Educated Pass in pursuit of achieving shared aims and objectives such as:-

  • Working with local youth football clubs, using engagement and dedication to sport as a lever to introduce boys to educational opportunities via school, college and university.
  • Helping to deliver a series of prepared activities including seminars and coaching sessions using facilities and role model students from EUAFC.
  • Providing the boys, their parents and the coaches with practical information on school course choices and unbiased routes into further and higher education.