EUAFC meets “Woody”

Current Edinburgh & Scottish university fullback and Diagonal Ball specialist Struan Scott-Woodhouse speaks to EUAFC.

Struan Scott-Woodhouse

Struan Scott-Woodhouse
Height: 5’10”

Weight: 13st

Favourite film: Chopper

Pin-up: Kim Kardashian

Boots: Old school, blacked-out Adidas Adipures

Car: Fiat Punto

Tunes: Dance, R&B and Notorious B.I.G

In your early days you started of as a striker. What type were you: a fox in the box, a link up player or a battering ram that left the opposition in tears?

I have always been pretty nippy and I used to pounce on anything in and around the 6-yard box. I’ve never been the biggest but I do work on my physique so if I was to be sent up to again I’d definitely be a battering ram!

Where were you before you came to the uni?

I signed professional forms for my hometown club Inverness Caley Thistle at the age of 18 and spent two years with the u-19s and reserve teams. Whenever I go home for placement I also play for highland league outfit Clachnacuddin.

Who do you model yourself on as a player?

I’m a right wing-back and I like to get forward whenever possible, whilst remaining solid at the back.

I’ve overheard a few of the fans on a Saturday comparing me to a more athletic and better looking version of Gary Neville!

What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses in your game?

I think the biggest strengths in my game are my aggression, strength and athleticism. I’m one of the top performers in our strength and conditioning sessions. My heading is probably my biggest weakness and a bit of work on the weaker foot wouldn’t go amiss!

You come up against some big name teams such as Spartans and Whitehill Welfare on a weekly basis. Who is the best player you have come up against in your time in East of Scotland football?

Each player I come up against always has different attributes, however, Spartans striker Omar Kader is someone who I regard as one of the best in EOS. He always poses a threat for the whole 90 minutes and has great use of both feet.

Who do you regard as the best player in the current 1st team?

We have a number of quality players such as James Craigen with his passing and vision, and skipper Danny Main with his big head and big heart! Mark Taits enthusiasm and Beacher are others who fit into the “marquee” player category.

Who is the worst trainer in the squad?

That has to go to Mark Cathcart. A lot of sweat and endeavor but he’s put the ball into the tennis court or the river more times than he’s passed it to me!

What brought you to the Uni?

It was a phone call from Sammy! I was really attracted to the clubs history and the clubs vision (D.N.A) as well as club legends like Darren Jarvie and Neil ‘Zorro’ Irvine. Not many other clubs can get you a university degree and a Scottish Cup chance!

Whats been your fauvorite memory in your three years at the club?

3-2 wins over both Lothian and Spartans because we didn’t play well in either game in the first half but we dug deep, never gave up and ended up winning!

BUCS final experience in Sheffield won’t be forgotten anytime soon either!

What would you change about EUAFC if you had the chance?

If I’m being picky I would make a few improvements with the pitch. Maybe get it rolled, put some trees in to stop the wind, and get a sound system so we could warm up to some tunes! Overall though I think it’s a great club run in a great way!

Like many of the club, you have a very demanding schedule trying to balance your studies and your football. How do you organize yourself to excel at both?

“Excel” is a strong word, not one I usually associate with my studies – I’ve worked out re-sits are the key to progressing. I have taken on-board phrases such “Eat right, think right” and “Dress smart, think smart” coined by nutritionist Craig Samuel and Mark Gair respectively.

Last season was obviously a successful one for the 1st XI reaching the British championship & league cup finals. How has missing out on those through illness motivated you for the remaining 18th months of your University career?

The BUCS run was an experience I’ll never forget. Even though I was injured I was lucky enough to get a suit and come down to the Semi’s and Final at Bramall Lane and be part of the infamous night out afterwards! Missing out has driven me on to hopefully create some history next season. It’s crazy to think that in two years we have gone from fighting relegation in our Scottish university division to challenging for the BUCS title.

What are your plans after you finish University. League football or straight into teaching?

Don’t scare me, there’s still a year left! Would be nice to play part time and teach but don’t want to look too far into the future. Destination unknown!

How far do you think the current group of players can go?

We’ve shown this season that we can beat any teams in our league on our day. Hopefully if we have a proper pre-season and start the season injury free we can have a real go at the league, the BUCS championships and maybe even go on a Scottish cup run!

Who would you say has the best look-a-like in the club?

This is another close one! Physio craig Samuel has got the looks and the swagger of WWE superstar “gold dust” and Cyrus Moosavi is spits of FC porto’s Hulk!

Any interesting stories about a player you feel the readers might enjoy?

I don’t want to name any names but I once found a member of the 1st team in a bus shelter on North Bridge crying in a panda suit after a Wednesday night in GHQ!

It has been rumoured you sleep wearing a pair of swimming goggles and your boots the night before a game. Is that your only pre-match ritual?

I do own about 5 sets of goggles as i enjoy a few lengths on a sunday morning. Never sleep in them though! thats definately been thought up by one of the PE boys! The only other routine I have is bringing my boots into the shower with me after the game to get a good clean – nothing too controversial!

If you hadn’t come to Edinburgh Uni what would you be doing?

Would like to think I’d be happily married and helping Caley-thistle to the SPL title!

Who would you say has the worst fashion sense in the club?

That’s a hard one. Its got to be a toss up between Calum Frain and Keeper tattie.

Calums ripped tracksuit bottoms have been described as “Rick Flairs” and he has recently purchased the worst pair of boots ever made, Adidas Questra 11’s. Tattie has always had questionable gear, from his infamous tour shorts and red muscle-fit Christmas shirt to his EUAFC-themed dark green corduroy trousers.

Finally, pick two players you would least like to be stuck on a desert island with!

Mark Tait even though he could be quite handy as a medic. Why so serious? All the time!

Second would have to be his namesake Mark Cathcart. Silence wouldn’t be good for the morale!

Interview: Jack Beacher. Portrait: Getty Images.