EUAFC speaks to “Amo”

No nonsense 2nd XI centre-half and part time radio chat show guest Graeme “amo” Armstrong speaks to EUAFC.

Profile of Graeme “amo” Armstrong

Graeme Armstrong
Height: 6’1”

Weight: 12 1/2 st

Favourite Team: Glasgow Celtic

Pin-up: Susan Boyle

Boots: Black & White Adidas Predators

Tunes: Spandau Ballet, Kid Cudi & Survivor

How would you describe yourself as a player?

As a player?…Passionate, committed, aggressive, a man who just loves defending, with the occasional flamboyant free-kick! Personality wise I like to keep myself to myself, stay quiet, get my head down and concentrate on my studies…

As a centre-half, who would you pick as the best in the world? (no Scottish players allowed)

For me I would have to say, when at his best, Nemanja Vidic is number one. I like to think I have similar traits to him myself: a never say die attitude with a will to win and a man who will throw his body on the line for his team. Loves a meaty 50/50 as well which I don’t mind at times.

You don’t mess around when it comes to challenges, what’s the worst thing you have ever done to an opposition player?

Funnyily enough, I’m actually a fairly good timer of my challenges (I think so anyway!) Never seriously hurt anyone I don’t think perhaps just a little slower than I used to be – I may be miss timing the odd few [chuckles to himself]

Who’s the hardest opponent you have come up against?

Tough one again…well Ryan Stevenson (Former hearts now Ipswich I think??) every day at training when I was an apprentice with Ayr, the guy was a machine. In the club I think Kohei is up there! Absolute nightmare to mark during training; he is so quick and gives 100% all the time so he never gives you a break.

Favourite game this season?

Away to Dalkeith. Having started on the bench due to a dip in form I was quite disappointed, however in the 2nd half I was brought on and managed to play well when I came on. Think I helped the lads over the line and hold on to the three points and proved a point to the manger who had left me out.

Hopes for next season?

You always aim to progress every year as a player. Hopefully I have a really good pre season, cement my place with the 2s and you never know! You always want to get to the top.

Funniest incident of the season so far?

2nd team coach Bryzo on the race night…with his top off…giving it big licks…..

Footballing highlight?

Aaaaaaaaah so many will have to give a few hear. Scottish cup winner with Ayrshire schools, captaining my school side to Ayrshire cup double. Recently my Sunday team have reached the Scottish Cup Sunday Trophy Final, I would say that’s up there too. Of course, also to play with Edinburgh University is a great honour.

Footballing lowlight?

In my career thus far probably being released from Ayr United when I was 19. To train every day for a year was incredible but to be told after that “Sorry, but you’re getting released”…devastating. Also having an operation on my knee and not playing for over six months was a killer.

What’s your ideal job?

Of course being a professional footballer has to be everyone’s but, if not a footballer, I would love to be a pundit. Presenting a show like Goals on Sunday or Soccer Saturday would be amazing.

What was said after the 6-0 defeat against the 1’s?

The lads were very disappointed with their performance. It obviously wasn’t a good result so not a lot needed to be said really, we just had to use it as a spur the next time we played them. I think we managed to claw back some pride with the performance in the second game where I felt our boys were unlucky not to win.

Your radio career started off so promisingly but ratings have dipped in recent months, what are you looking to do to build up interest again?

[laughs aggressively] I think your sources are poor! My radio show is breaking all records in university radio.

Would you rather be a pro’ footballer or a radio DJ/football pundit?

The pro’ football career would then lead me into the football pundit career, a-la Matt Le Tissier.

What are your plans after university?

Well I’m generally an off-the-cuff kind of guy so plans are never really in my thoughts. I think however I would like to travel a bit after 4th year. It’s a shame so many people round the world have not met me yet so yeah travelling. I also plan to be successful in whatever job I eventually do, I want to change the world!

What do u love about EUAFC?

The social aspect of the club has been a real highlight, I have met some fantastic lads during my time with the club and it’s been an honour to be involved.

What 3 things would you change about the club if you could?

Nothing. I think the club runs itself very well. GOOD ANSWER!

Who are the best lookalikes in the 2’s?

Dave McArthur is the absolute double of Fraser Forster the Celtic goalkeeper. It’s the jaw – uncanny resemblance!

Who’s the ugliest/worst with girls in the 2’s?

Pffffff very good question! There are a few candidates for this one! If Andy Reid did not have a missus he would be up there perhaps; not for being the ugliest but just terrible banter. Leishman the skipper with his big Ginger locks perhaps? Daz Leslie wasn’t the most attractive I suppose so lets go for him. It’s actually a difficult question; team is probably the best looking team in the club!

Least Intelligent?

Gordan Birse – the guy is on another planet most of the time.

Most likely to do well in the team?

Mmmm…possibly David Connolly. I imagine once he eventually leaves Uni’ he will have about 8 degrees so you’ve got to put him up there in being successful.

Least Likely to do well in the team?

Tough one, all fairly driven lads. Could see Lawrence Matthewman swanning about just hopping from gym to gym in order to become the strongest man of all time. Ru Ham could spiral into a gambling debt of over 3 million pounds after investing most of his money into Bristol Rovers and then repeatedly backing against them to lose. Not only does he rack up millions of pounds worth of debt but also gets jailed for illegal betting…unlucky skip!

Finally – and there must be a few contenders for this – who has the worst Banter in the 2’s?

Definitely a few contenders!! Craig Rankin is up there, his banter has been the same for about three years, it never changes – new patter please Ranks! Reidy loves a bite to be fair, never great banter. Perhaps the skipper again just loves to scream “Bite!!” randomly which he sees as an exceptable form of banter, nothing else in his locker?!

Interview: Jack Beacher. Portrait: Getty Images.