1. Please tell us the degree(s) you studied and result(s) achieved?
2:1 MA Economics & Accounts
MSc Management

2. Please list all your achievements with the EUAFC (trophies won, goals scored, league positions, international caps, individual awards, Blues etc)?
> 150 first XI games
Club Captain 2006/07
First XI Captain 2005 – 2007
East of Scotland Runner Up 2007/08
4 Top 6 finishes East of Scotland
East of Scotland Cup Winner 2004?
King Cup Winner 2007
Scottish Cup 3rd Round 2007
Edinburgh University Colours 2007
Sir William Darling Award 2007

3. Why did you choose to study at Edinburgh University?
I chose Edinburgh University because it had the perfect balance of academic distinction and commitment to sporting excellence.

4. What part did the EUAFC play in your experience of University?
EUAFC played a huge part in my experience of University and allowed me to develop myself personally and was as academically. The club gave me the opportunity to play at Ibrox, visit Buckingham Palace, lift the Scottish Cup and my ten minutes of fame (which included being on the loop of Sky Sports News). All of which are some of the greatest experiences of my life never mind University.

5. Why did you enjoy playing football for EUAFC?
Having played professionally before University and all the way through school, EUAFC was the first time I experienced playing with players who were very similar to me on and off the pitch. I lived with fellow club members before and after University, some of my best friends I met through the club and I have even started a business with old teammates. Being able to walk onto the pitch with teammates that are also your best friends brings an incredible feeling of togetherness and a desire to win.

6. What enabled you to be successful on the pitch & at the same time academically? Was there any effect on your studies?
If anything I believe football assisted with my studies through adding more focus to my study time as well as improving my health, sleep and giving me time out. I tended to play football right the way through exams and busy University periods as it gave me a chance to switch off and relax.

7. Would you consider your time at University a success, why?
I would consider my time at University a success because I felt like I reached my full potential. I achieved my desired results academically, was able to move quickly into the career of my choice and loved every minute of the University experience – so much so I hung around to complete a Masters (which also gave me the chance to play another year with EUAFC).

8. What are you doing currently? Did you develop any skills while at the EUAFC that have an impact on your working life?
I currently work in finance at a global firm. Many of the skills I learned at EUAFC are the foundations for my soft skills, people management and organizational abilities that I use day to day in my current role. I was also club Treasurer that helped me achieve my Chartered Accountancy (CA) qualification after University.

9. Why would you recommend joining EUAFC to new students?
I would recommend it not only for the footballing side, where you get a great chance to stay fit and develop your game no matter what standard you are at, but also for the opportunities it can provide off the park on the administrative side of things. EUAFC is a club run by the students for students and gives great exposure to commercial, financial and strategic business decisions that are the perfect way for student to develop their non-academic CVs.

10. We know you have a strong bond with the Football Club. Please finish the sentence/paragraph in any way that suits you;

EUAFC is… the greatest decision I ever made. I had the opportunity to continue playing with a professional club or join EUAFC and do not regret joining EAUFC for a second. I truly believe I would not have achieved half of what I did at University of afterwards without having joined the club.