1. Please tell us the degree(s) you studied and result(s) achieved?

Medicine – MBChB, 2006-2011 (final year distinction)

2. Please list all your achievements with the EUAFC (trophies won, goals scored, league positions, international caps, individual awards, Blues etc)?

EUAFC 2006-2011 80 apps, 61 goals
East of Scotland league Golden Boot Winner 2008
East of Scotland League Cup Winners 2008
East of Scotland League runner-up 2008
Scottish Cup: 3rd Round 2007
2nd Round 2006
Queens Park Shield Winners 2011
British University finalists 2011
Capped for Scotland University Team 2006-2011
Selected for East of Scotland League team

3. Why did you choose to study at Edinburgh University?

I was always aware that Edinburgh University was one of great tradition with a renown reputation for pioneering work and excellence. Particularly in medicine, it has always been, and still is a world leading university for education and developing elite doctors. I attended an open day and the combination of a fantastic city, great sporting facilities and student culture immediately made it my first choice university destination.

4. What part did the EUAFC play in your experience of University?

EUAFC was a focal point for my studying years. It provided me with a sense of stability and structure to the often chaotic student lifestyle and it was fantastic to be part of a team of like minded athletes. It was the first and probably only time in my footballing career whereby I would be in a team surrounded by other academics. Having played football at all levels, from on a park on a Sunday morning to English Premiership, I hadn’t before experienced such camaraderie. A club run by the players themselves over 4 different squads. We all had the same priorities, playing with a group of mates, with our degrees running alongside our footballing careers. This unique fact galvanized us and brought us closer as a squad.

5. Why did you enjoy playing football for EUAFC?

The most important factor for me in signing for EUAFC was the competitiveness and standard of football. Coming from a professional setup this was imperative and I was instantly impressed with the drive of the coaching staff and the quality of the players. Being successful on the pitch at a good standard of football, within a quality team, working hard for each other breeds enjoyment and this was clear throughout my time. A close second was the banter. Stemming from the dressing room, regular nights out and culminating in end of season tour, which was always a highlight. Not forgetting away trips on the coach. These were times when memories were made and the craic was unreal, with each of us leaving with copious amounts of stories to tell and reminisce.

6. What enabled you to be successful on the pitch & at the same time academically? Was there any effect on your studies?

I was fortunate enough to have success both on and off the pitch. I achieved a medical degree securing a distinction in my final year and always performed well in exams/essays/portfolio pieces. The two were not mutually exclusive and I genuinely believe this synergy was key. As the club is run by students who are all in a similar position, with an understanding coaching staff, we would be given time off training around exam time in order for us to focus on work. I would often meet with the gaffer weeks before and discuss which sessions I would attend/miss. This organisation enabled us to perform optimally academically but ensured we didn’t miss big games or sessions, leading to a high level of player motivation and performance. There was always the chance to progress and develop the best players. Alongside several of my teammates, I was lucky enough to be involved internationally for Scottish Universities on several occasions, something which is always a great privilege.

7. Would you consider your time at University a success, why?

Absolutely, I couldn’t be more pleased with the time I had, and certainly made the right decision in both attending Edinburgh University and signing for EUAFC. I achieved what I set out to whilst having an unmatchable experience.

8. What are you doing currently? Did you develop any skills while at the EUAFC that have an impact on your working life?

I am currently a fully registered doctor working in general practice in Manchester. EUAFC holds the values that I strive to maintain, notably; pride in ones work, commitment, enjoyment and success. I hope to move in to a role as a sports/club doctor in the future, pursuing a masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine and firmly believe my background with EUAFC make me a strong candidate.

9. Why would you recommend joining EUAFC to new students?

I would unreservedly recommend EUAFC to new students. EUAFC enables students to play competitively alongside their degree in a footballing community, providing an unrivalled experience. There’s a plethora of opportunity to succeed and progress internationally and professionally, and if given the opportunity to join, one should not turn it down.

10. We know you have a strong bond with the Football Club. Please finish the sentence/paragraph in any way that suits you;

EUAFC is more than a football club. It is the pinnacle of student life, enabling the elite to fulfill their potential, and providing values and a camaraderie that last beyond university. ‘Get him a fresh one!’