Danny Main

Please tell us the degree(s) you studied and result(s) achieved?

2:2 Bed Physical Education graduated 2013.

Please list all your achievements with the EUAFC (trophies won, goals scored, league positions, international caps, individual awards, Blues etc)?

I was fortunate enough to make over 100 appearances for the first team over 3 seasons (2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13) and was made captain for my final 2 years. I also represented Scottish Universities in each of my 3 seasons at the club. I was also named Player of the Year in 2011 & 2013. Highlights of my time with the club include the run to the final of the BUCS championship at Bramall Lane in 2011 and the back to back Queens Park Shield victories in 2011 & 2012.

Why did you choose to study at Edinburgh University?

It is an institution with a great history and a reputation as one of the top places to study in the UK. It also offered fantastic sporting provision and the opportunity to live in a thriving city.

What part did the EUAFC play in your experience of University?

I didn’t join EUAFC until my second year at University and by doing so it made my experience so much more enjoyable. It was the best decision I made during my studies, being able to meet similar minded people who were going through similar pressures and demands while still enjoying my football in a rewarding environment.

Why did you enjoy playing football for EUAFC?

Put simply, the people at the club. From the management and committee members, to the players across all 4 teams, I have met and become great friends with many. Not to mention that EUAFC has a strong footballing tradition and winning regularly certainly helps!

What enabled you to be successful on the pitch & at the same time academically? Was there any effect on your studies?

The task of balancing both forced me to focus on managing my time effectively which I believe was mainly responsible for making my time at university a success. I also found football to be a good release from the pressures of coursework and the enjoyable atmosphere was certainly a factor in helping to stay motivated.

Would you consider your time at University a success, why?

100%. I have made lifelong friends, had many many enjoyable experiences and have obtained a degree which allows me to pursue a career which I enjoy. I will admit that joining EUAFC has played a massive part in achieving the first two points.

What are you doing currently? Did you develop any skills while at the EUAFC that have an impact on your working life?

I am currently working as a PE teacher in Dubai. I feel the drive, determination and discipline that I had to show during my time at the club have transferred into my job.

Why would you recommend joining EUAFC to new students?

You become part of a culture that makes your time in Edinburgh so much more enjoyable. You will develop and enjoy your football while having the time of your life with great people. I could not recommend it highly enough.

We know you have a strong bond with the Football Club. Please finish the sentence/paragraph in any way that suits you;

EUAFC is… a club that has given me so much more than a place to play football.