Peffermill Developments

Developments are ongoing at Peffermill Playing Fields to install a new 3G surface. When completed, in autumn this year, the facility will be the biggest 3G sporting surface in Scotland with the measurements totalling a huge 126 metres long and 84 metres wide. The facility will accommodate a full rugby pitch (with the regulated five metre ‘run off’), a full football pitch and cricket nets at the end nearest the burn. For those trying to visualise the exact location, the 3G will run parallel to the hockey astroturfs down as far as the McArthur Pavillion. This leaves a small space between the top of the 3G rectangle and the burn which will contain the cricket nets. Additionally there is also a sizeable triangle of grass left between the 3G and the floodlit rugby training pitch which will also be availble for training sessions. Furthermore, the tennis courts are also being laid with 3G astroturf and will be developed in to three 5-a-side pitches.

Training for next season will remain on Monday and Thursday evenings but final times are yet to be decided upon although needless to say the construction of the 3G surface will continue to help the club progress in the professional manner which we strive for. It is also anticipated that, in extreme weather conditions, the 3G will beable to be used for certain competitive fixtures.

The surface clearly represents a huge step forward in terms of football provision at Edinburgh University and also further highlights the support that the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) and the Edinburgh University Sports Union are prepared to offer sports club at Edinburgh University; something we as a club are very grateful for.